Trump promises to leave the White House if the Electoral College names Biden the winner

Trump promises to leave the White House if the Electoral College names Biden the winner

Donald Trump on Thursday night confirmed that if the Electoral College recognizes Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the election, he will leave the White House. The President said this in a video link to US servicemen serving overseas and congratulating them on Thanksgiving, Reuters reported.

The meeting of the Electoral College, during which, according to American law, the elected president will be officially declared the winner of the election, will be held on December 14, and the inauguration of the new president on January 20.

During a videoconference with the military, Trump also announced that he is going to visit Georgia next week to show his support for the two GOP candidates running for the Senate and rally his supporters.

These elections are of particular importance for the alignment of forces in Congress, since if the Republicans lose in the Senate, there will be a parity of votes, and the Democrats will have the advantage in the event of controversial situations, since future Vice President Kamala Harris will be able to bring the decisive vote in favor of the senators from Democratic Party.

Trump also told the military that the first deliveries of the coronavirus vaccine in the United States will begin next week. The first recipients of the vaccine will be frontline workers in the fight against the virus, healthcare workers and older Americans.

After the end of the videoconference, Donald Trump answered questions from journalists for the first time since election day. During a short briefing, he once again accused the “dishonest” officials in charge of holding state elections of massive fraud, which ultimately, according to the president, led to his defeat.

“This is still a long way off,” the Associated Press quotes Trump’s response to the question of recognizing Joe Biden as president-elect and winner of the election. The president called the elections “rigged” and lashed out at the authorities in Georgia and Pennsylvania, which, according to Trump, helped Biden win.

Trump, according to The Associated Press, called senior officials in the Georgia and Pennsylvania administrations “enemies of the state” and blamed them for vote rigging.

State authorities and international observers have repeatedly denied the accusations of Trump, whose team has so far failed to provide convincing evidence of massive fraud. Courts in several states have declined to consider numerous claims filed by Republicans and the president’s legal team.

The president told reporters that he plans to hold a massive rally in Georgia with thousands of supporters in support of the Republican Senate candidates, incumbent Senators David Purdue and Kelly Leffler. The second round of the Senate elections in Georgia will take place on January 5. The rally, according to the White House, will take place on December 5.

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