Trump pledges peaceful transfer of power in case of Biden’s victory


President Donald Trump has pledged that he will agree to a peaceful transfer of power if his Democrat rival Joe Biden wins the election.

The president was asked to clarify his position during a meeting with voters hosted by NBC News in Miami on Thursday evening.

Trump responded that he was worried about electoral fraud, especially in light of the widespread use of mail-order ballots. He said he worries when “thousands of discarded bulletins and military bulletins are found in dumpsters.”

“They spied on my campaign headquarters, got caught in this and tried to remove the legally elected incumbent president, and you ask me if I will agree to a peaceful transfer of power? Trump said. – The answer is yes, I agree. But I want this election to be fair, like everyone else. “

“Ideally, I would not like to transfer power, I would like to win,” he added.

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