Trump mentioned Biden’s victory but said “the elections were rigged”

Trump mentioned Biden’s victory but said “the elections were rigged”

US President Donald Trump on Sunday appears to have publicly admitted for the first time that his Democrat rival Joe Biden won the presidential election on November 3, but reiterated claims that the vote was rigged.

The Republican president refuses to formally admit defeat in the election, despite the fact that all major American media announced a week ago that Biden had received more than 270 electoral votes necessary to win, and will be sworn in on January 20.

“He won because the election was rigged,” Trump tweeted.

“Rigged elections! We will win!” – he wrote later.

Trump made unconfirmed accusations about the election, stating: “No observer was admitted, votes were counted by the radical left-wing private company Dominion with a bad reputation and trashy equipment, which did not even take place in Texas (where I won by a wide margin!), Fake and silent media and others! “

Twitter accompanied Trump’s words with the note: “This allegation of electoral fraud is controversial.”

“He won only in the eyes of FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I do not concede ANYTHING! We have a long way to go. It was a FRAMED ELECTION! ” Trump added.

Biden was declared the winner on Nov. 7, after summing up enough states to announce such a result to the former vice president.

According to Edison Research, Biden received 306 votes in the electoral college, which determines the winner of the election, with the required minimum of 270 votes.

Trump made few public appearances for several days and made unconfirmed allegations of social media scams.

Ron Klein, whom Biden selected as the future White House chief of staff on NBC’s Meet the Press, said: “Donald Trump’s tweets do not decide whether Joe Biden is president or not. So the American people decided. “

The US president has also stalled the usual government preparatory process for a new presidential administration, which Democrats and some Republicans say has serious national security implications.

Trump’s campaign staff and Republicans have tried to defend their case in court in key faltering states, but their claims have largely been dismissed.

Some of the lawsuits concerned such a small number of ballots that even if they were satisfied, it would not change the result.

Electoral authorities in different regions of the country told Voice of America and other media that they found no evidence of widespread fraud, but only minor problems on election day and in the counting of votes, which did not change the results so much that Trump would have remained in the White House for another four years.

Trump’s refusal to admit victory is unprecedented in recent American history, although there is no law obliging him to admit defeat. For decades, losing presidential candidates have congratulated the winners.

Senator Bernie Sanders, longest rival of Biden in the Democratic primary, criticized Trump’s post-election behavior.

“Trump’s hallmark is that he undermines American democracy more than anyone else in our country’s history,” Sanders told CNN. “What he keeps telling his supporters that the only reason he could have lost the election was rigging is absolutely unsightly and not American.”

Former Trump national security adviser John Bolton, who became his critic, urged Republicans to recognize Biden’s victory. Some of the president’s Republican colleagues have begun calling Biden the president-elect, although many others have remained silent about the election or supported Trump’s fraud claims and lawsuits in an effort to invalidate the results in Biden’s favor.

“I think it’s very important that GOP leaders make it clear to our voters, who are not as stupid as the Democrats think, that Trump actually lost the election and that his claims of fraud are unfounded,” Bolton said in a speech on On this week ”on ABC channel.

Meanwhile, Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris continue to work on the transition, including briefings on the COVID-19 epidemic. Biden is also in discussion with his advisers about the composition of the new government and plans to do so again on Sunday. The other day, he chose Ron Klein as the future head of the White House staff. The person appointed to this position is believed to be the main person regulating access to the president.

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