Trump may return to the White House on Monday


President Donald Trump, who is being treated for COVID-19 at a military hospital, is improving and may return to the White House as early as Monday, his doctors said Sunday during a press briefing.

“The patient’s condition continues to improve. He hasn’t had a fever since Friday morning, his vital signs are stable, ”Dr. Sean Dooley told reporters at the National Military Medical Center had Walter Reed, where Trump has been treated since Friday.

Doctors said they gave Trump extra oxygen twice, on Thursday and Friday, as he battled lung disease. He was also given dexamethasone.

Research has shown that dexamethasone improves the survival of critically ill patients hospitalized with COVID-19 who require supplemental oxygen. However, the American Society for Infectious Disease Society recommends that it should not be used in mild cases as it can limit the body’s ability to fight the virus on its own.

“It’s important that he really feels good,” Dr. Sean Conley told reporters at the Walter Reed Center.

Dr. Brian Garibaldi explained that Trump was prescribed dexamethasone due to “occasional low oxygen levels.”

“He received his first dose yesterday and we plan to give him some time,” Garibaldi said.

One journalist asked Conley why he was shy of answering the question of whether Trump was getting oxygen when he was in the White House on Friday – what was really going on. Conley said he wanted to “reflect the team’s optimism.”

Conley explained that he did not want to “give information that could lead the course of the disease in a different direction.”

“It turned out that in doing this we were trying to hide something that was not necessarily true,” he added.

Dr. Dooley said the President is walking, does not complain of shortness of breath, or has other respiratory symptoms.

“If he continues to look and feel as good as he does today, we hope we can schedule a discharge already. [в понедельник] in the morning to the White House, where he can continue his treatment, ”Garibaldi announced.

Some questions remained unanswered, in particular whether the president had any lung damage. Doctors on Sunday limited themselves to stating that “the findings were expected.”

On Saturday, Trump posted a four-minute video in which he said the next few days will be “a real test” for his condition.

“Within a few days, I think there will be a real test, so let’s see what happens in the next couple of days,” the president said.

White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien said Sunday that the issue of a temporary transfer of power to Vice President Mike Pence was not discussed.

“We have a strong government,” O’Brien said on CBS’s Facing the Country. “We have plans for all cases.”

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