Trump has not appeared in public for a week

Trump has not appeared in public for a week

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump has been uncharacteristically silent in recent days, except for tweets about alleged election fraud.

On Thursday, Trump again wrote about “rigged elections” and criticized the cable channel Fox News, which has supported him throughout his presidency.

For several months, Trump did not attend meetings of the White House working group on coronavirus, focusing on the campaign. Vice President Mike Pence chaired the group’s first meeting in nearly three weeks on Monday.

The White House rejects criticism from Democrats who accuse the president of premature departure from office.

“Absolutely false,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere told Voice of America. “As he promised, President Trump is fighting for free and fair elections while fulfilling all of his responsibilities to put America first. He’s also working to promote meaningful economic incentives, discussing a draft government budget with members of Congress, and working to ensure that states and municipalities have what they need to respond to the ongoing pandemic. ”

On Thursday, the White House released a series of presidential decrees, including a ban on US investment in Chinese firms associated with the PRC’s military.

Trump dined with Pence Thursday and met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin in the afternoon, the White House said.

However, the journalists did not see the president on Thursday. The day before, he attended the Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, but did not make any speech.

Trump last appeared in public on November 5 at the press center.

According to the website, which is a collection of tweets, speeches and political initiatives of Trump, this is the longest time during his presidency without speaking on camera.

The incumbent president refused to acknowledge his alleged defeat in the election, and his campaign headquarters filed a series of lawsuits in several states challenging the vote count.

Most Republican lawmakers in Congress appear to continue to support Trump’s position, with few recognizing Joe Biden as president-elect.

Former President Barack Obama has expressed concern about this.

“This is another step towards delegitimizing not only the future Biden administration, but democracy in general, and this is a dangerous path,” Obama told 60 Minutes, excerpts from which were published by CBS.

Some GOP senators have called for Biden’s access to intelligence briefings, which is currently not possible as the General Services Administration has yet to confirm his victory.

“This is really important. This is perhaps the most important part of the transition, ”Republican Senator Susan Collins, who called Biden“ the supposed winner ”, told reporters.

But some key Republican lawmakers do not share this view.

“It has always seemed to me that a candidate should not be involved in this process until he becomes president-elect, and he is not president-elect,” said Republican Senator James Inhof.

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