Trump and Biden: final debate


President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden held their final campaign debate.

Biden promised to punish any country that tries to interfere in the elections. Trump also pledged to be tough on America’s rivals, but the Democrat asked why he still hasn’t rebuffed Putin.

“They are encroaching on US sovereignty,” Biden said of Russia. – This is what is happening right now … As far as I know, the president did not say anything [российскому президенту Владимиру Путину] on this occasion”.

“What’s happening? Nothing happens, ”Biden continued. “I don’t know why this president is unwilling to fight back against Putin.”

In response, Trump recalled that he had imposed numerous sanctions on Russians.

“No one has been tougher with Russia than Donald Trump,” he said.

By the time the debate took place in Nashville, more than 45 million Americans had already voted – roughly a third of the total votes cast in 2016. Now both campaign headquarters are focused primarily on persuading the few undecided voters.

The debate, moderated by NBC host Kristen Welker, was held according to the new rules: each of the participants took turns muffling the microphone so that they could not interrupt each other.

Topics covered included the coronavirus pandemic, the lives of American families, race relations, climate change, national security and the role of leaders.

When the conversation turned to national security, a controversy arose over North Korea and its leader, Kim Jong-un.

“He legitimizes North Korea,” Biden said of Trump. “He tells everyone about his boyfriend, who is a real bandit.”

Trump noted that former President Barack Obama left him “a terrible situation” with North Korea and warned him about the danger of a “nuclear war.”

According to the president, after the summits with Kim Jong-un, they developed “a very good relationship. “And there is no war,” he stressed.

Trump has also tried to downplay the recent unveiling of a new long-range missile at a military parade in North Korea.

Debates also disagreed on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic: Biden said that due to Trump’s “incompetence”, the country found itself in a situation where many businesses and schools had to be closed.

Trump retorted that Biden only reasoned, but did nothing.

“All he does is talk about closings,” he said, comparing Biden to Democratic governors who closed their states. “He will shut down the whole country if someone from our huge bureaucratic machine tells him to do it.”

Biden was outraged: “This is absolutely not true.”

Trump said the US pandemic is coming to an end.

“We are learning to live with it. We cannot lock ourselves in the basement like Joe, ”the president said.

“He says we are learning to live with it. People learn to die from it, ”objected Biden. Recall that the pandemic claimed more than 200,000 lives in the country.

Biden and Trump also discussed rumors that the former vice president, along with his son Hunter Biden, was making money from a business scheme involving China.

Biden flatly denied this, saying: “I have never received a penny from foreign sources in my life.”

“I think you need to clarify this issue and talk to the American people,” Trump objected.

In general, this time the debate took place in a much more orderly atmosphere than the first meeting of candidates in September.

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