Top model Gisele Bundchen talks about coping with anxiety: “I was looking for help”

The model has been struggling with increased anxiety for 20 years.

Recently, celebrities are increasingly opening up and talking about personal problems, in particular, mental ailments. Recently 40-year-old Gisele Bundchen started talking about her mental health again. She posted a post on Instagram where she revealed that she suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, and also shared her healing methods.

Top model Gisele Bundchen talks about dealing with anxiety:

I’ve learned from experience that nothing lasts forever. Sometimes even a simple reminder that all unpleasant feelings will sooner or later pass can become a beacon of hope. Anxiety can seem overwhelming, and sometimes we need a sustaining nudge to break out of the vicious circle of worry. I was having a hard time with my panic attacks and was looking for help. Family, friends and professionals, as well as breathing and meditation practices, can help in these times. The most important thing is to get rid of inertia and look for an alternative. Life is our greatest gift and every day is precious

– wrote Giselle and accompanied the publication with her photo, in which she is without makeup and in an embrace with her dog.

Earlier, Bundchen said that avoiding coffee, sweets and cigarettes helped her reduce the level of anxiety. The model also started running, doing breathing exercises and meditation in the morning and switched to a healthy diet.

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