“Too Much Freedom”: Britney Spears’ Father Doesn’t Like Methods of Singer’s Other Guardian


The singer is fighting for her assistant Jody to become her guardian again.

This year, Britney Spears began a fight to get her father, Jamie Spears, to stop being her guardian. For the period from last fall to August this year, the powers of the guardian were transferred to Britney’s assistant Jodie Montgomery. Obviously, the singer liked this type of custody more, so now she insists that custody be returned to Jody. In the meantime, Britney’s father is again the guardian.

At the same time, Jamie Spears does not agree with the choice of his daughter, according to a source from the family. He believes Montgomery is “giving Britney too much freedom.”

Britney is given a lot of freedom to make her own decisions when it comes to her treatment. Her former guardian, Jodie Montgomery, knows Britney has had an affair with this for a long time, and believes she can be trusted in this regard. But Jamie Spears is worried about it

– told the insider.

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Earlier, another former guardian, attorney Andrew Wallett, spoke about Britney’s situation. He noted that the star still does not have the right to sign documents and make important decisions, her finances are also controlled. But he believes that custody is good for Spears:

The main question is whether the guardianship is in Britney’s interests. I personally believe guardianship is in her best interest. Protecting its assets is important, and to do so, you need to retain the right to manage them.

He also noted that many people are under care all their lives.

I’m not saying this will definitely happen to Britney, but it can be

– specified Andrew.

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