Tomorrow, the “second moon” will make its last orbit around the Earth and leave us forever

“Nothing lasts forever under the moon,” said the ancients, and she herself is not eternal – especially when it comes to the object Luna-2. Its official name is 2020 SO and this now free space body is completing its journey around the Earth. Next week, during the final orbit, it will approach our planet for the last time, and then fly into the abyss of space. However, SO is unlikely to leave the limits of the solar system 2020.

SO 2020 was first discovered last September when this space object flew halfway between the Earth and the Moon. By December 1, he came to an extremely close distance to the planet, and literally a day before, NASA researchers came to the conclusion that this was our doing. The tiny “moon” is actually the wreckage of the American Surveyor’s rocket booster mission, which ironically flew to the real moon.

Very soon, on February 2, 2020 SO will fly at a distance of 220,000 km from the Earth, but by March 2021 it will finally leave the gravitational zone of our planet. This brainchild of man, thrown by him in space, was unlucky enough to become a satellite of our planet, although it has flown around it since the 1960s. And now the man-made structure is set off on its own path, no longer subject to our will.

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