Tommy Fury: “Excuses Won’t Remove Defeat from Wilder’s Record”


21-year-old light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury is the younger brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. According to Tommy, what Deontay Wilder is now saying is just nonsense. Recall that the American almost a year after his defeat to Tyson began to accuse the Briton and his coach Mark Breland of cheating and deception.

“As an example to follow, as a world champion, you shouldn’t say such things in your defense. You accuse the coach who has been with you from day one for poisoning your water! Wilder says that Tyson cheated with gloves, but the commission was with him until he got into the ring. None of these excuses mean anything, they won’t remove defeat from Wilder’s track record. He’s lost! ”Fury said.

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