Tom Felton was called “ugly” because of the like in support of J.K. Rowling

The support of the writer has recently been mercilessly punished by trolls.

Harry Potter star Tom Felton has drawn the ire of users by supporting J.K. Rowling. Recall that Joan has been accused of transphobia since the summer, when she expressed her position on transgender people: the writer does not support the idea of ​​equating transgender women with biological ones.

One of the disgruntled users advised her to “talk to representatives of sexual minorities” before speaking on such topics. And Joan talked. A lesbian friend echoed Rowling’s opinion, which the writer posted on her Twitter. Tom Felton liked Joan’s post and fell victim to cyberbullying after that.

Tom Felton was called

The actor was dubbed ugly. A number of users discuss how “aged” Felton looks at 33, and compare him to other actors his age or older. “He’s so scary, he looks like he hasn’t washed in years and uses petroleum jelly instead of hair gel”, “I remind you: Tom Felton is still a transphobic piece of shit,” “It’s good that everyone has now admitted that Tom Felton is ugly,” users say. The insults at Tom rained down even more actively when he removed his like from Joan’s post. So far, the actor has not commented on this situation.

Luckily, Felton has an army of fans that adore him for his portrayal of Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter. They support the actor. By the way, Tom recently said that he was preparing a surprise for fans of “Harry Potter”. He noted that he plans to reunite his colleagues on November 14 to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the first film about young wizards online.

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