To tears: the Kardashian sisters and Kanye West gave Kim a surprise on her 40th birthday


Relatives immersed her in pleasant childhood memories when Kim’s dad congratulated her on her 10th birthday.

Yesterday Kim Kardashian turned 40 years old, and on this occasion her family and loved ones gave the birthday girl a touching surprise.

They brought Kim to the house, telling her that they were going to another shoot. However, friends and relatives were waiting for her in the house, who set up screens and turned on a video from thirty years ago, in which little Kim celebrates her 10th birthday with her family.

The video was shot by Kim’s late father, Robert. Thanks to these shots, the family managed to remember the dance they danced on Kim’s 10th birthday.

We are so lucky that dad documented these moments. If not for them, we would never remember this dance,

– said Kourtney Kardashian.

Hearing her father’s voice on the recording, congratulating Kim on her birthday, and seeing the archived videos, Kim could hardly hold back her tears.

When I heard my dad’s voice, something clicked inside me. It was so nice to revive these memories on my 40th birthday,

– she shared.

Kim also admitted that entering this age was very exciting for her:

I was worried about this date. The realization came: damn, I’m already 40! How did this happen? How did I get here? Now I can’t post candid photos on Instagram, I urgently need to clean everything up!

Earlier it was reported that in honor of her birthday, Kim plans to throw a party next week on a closed island in the Caribbean, which she rented. She invited about 30 people from her inner circle to the holiday and decided not to tell them which island they would go to.

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