Timothy Bradley called Lopez’s important advantage over Lomachenko


Former two-weight world champion and now ESPN expert Timothy Bradley believes a significant arm span advantage could be an important trump card for IBF lightweight champion Teofimo López against WBA / WBO / WBC Franchise titleholder Vasily Lomachenko.

“Lopez is not a combination puncher, but he is able to keep Lomachenko at a distance due to his legs and a jab. If you keep Lomachenko on the jab, he may feel that this is not his distance. The fact is that Lomachenko has very short arms. arms is about 165 centimeters, while Lopez is 175 centimeters, so there is a big difference between them. Due to this, Lopez can keep Lomachenko at a distance. And if Teofimo uses his legs, forcing Vasily to fail every time, he will knock him out of track.

Understand, Lomachenko must be close. He likes close and medium distance. He is a mid-range killer, “Timothy Bradley told YouTube channel CompuBox TV.

Recall, Bradley also said that Lopez can get Lomachenko if he stands in front of him.

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