This is not Apple for you: Xiaomi did not forcibly take the charger from the Mi 11 flagship kit

Yesterday Xiaomi introduced the new flagship Mi 11 who became not only the first smartphone with Snapdragon 888 processor, but also the first to lose the power adapter in set. But, as it turned out, buyers all there will be a choice.

What does it mean

Xiaomi, which trolled Apple for lack of charging in new iPhone 12 box and previous models, faced a wave of criticism after the news of that and went to such a step. But on in fact the company does not completely followed Apple’s lead.

So, users are offered on choice two Mi kits 11 from charging adapter in complete and without him. And they cost the same.

By the way, the head of Xiaomi explained the decision to refuse adapter care environment. Apparently, this responsibility in eventually decided to shift to buyer: if you care about the environment take the kit without charging if it is not home or not you too worried about our planet since another box.

True, it is not yet clear whether there will be is it only for residents of China or same on international market Xiaomi Mi 11 will also be released in two versions.


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