This Day in History: George Foreman sensationally knocks out Michael Moorer to become world champion at 45


On this day, November 5, 1994, at the legendary MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, the former world champion, 45-year-old American George Foreman (72-4-0, 67 KO) met with the WBA title holder / IBF, 26-year-old compatriot Michael Moorer (35-0-0, 30 KO).

Moorer had become a sensation seven months earlier, having overpowered one of the divisional leaders, former undisputed champion, compatriot Evander Holyfield, in a stubborn battle, taking away his belts and getting into the chosen circle of light heavyweights who were able to achieve success in heavyweight.

Foreman at that time had been performing for more than 7 years after his return and managed to compete for the championship, losing on points in April 1991 to the same Holyfield. The veteran was a huge underdog, and part of the public did not understand at all why he was given the title chance.

The entire fight, up to the stop, was dictated by Moorer, who circled around Foreman and, due to the advantage in speed, easily caught him on counterattacks. The veteran missed a lot and could not compete with the younger counterpart in Warcraft. If poignant moments were created, it was because of the same Moorer, who allowed himself to stagnate and take blows on the block, at times openly neglecting Foreman’s power. What made itself felt in the 10th round – the challenger threw out a short two without a swing, and then repeated it, clearly inserting the second blow between the opponent’s gloves and sending it to the canvas. Moorer was unable to climb to the score “10”.

George Foreman became the oldest world champion in history at that time and still remains the owner of this heavyweight title.

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