This Day in History: Evander Holyfield finished Mike Tyson in their first fight

This Day in History: Evander Holyfield finished Mike Tyson in their first fight

On this day in 1996, at the MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas, a fight took place between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, preparations for which began even before Tyson went to prison. Tyson was the favorite in this fight (bets on him were taken at the rate of 22 to 1).

The first 5 rounds passed with varying success, but there was a slight advantage of Tyson. In the fifth round, Tyson unleashed fierce combinations on Holyfield, but Holyfield was not shocked. In the sixth round, Holyfield hit Tyson with his head, and Mike opened a cut above his left eye. In the same round, Tyson threw out the side and stood on straight legs. Holyfield made a counter left hook to the body. The blow did not hit the jaw, and Tyson was not shocked, only lost his balance. He went up to the score 5. With 15 seconds before the end of the seventh round, Tyson rushed to Holyfield, Holyfield went head first; as a result of a hard collision of the heads, Tyson opened a dissection under his right eye. Tyson screamed in pain, and his knees buckled, but again the referee counted the head blow as unintentional. Tyson was examined by a doctor.

At the end of the 10th round, Holyfield had an oncoming right cross to the jaw. Tyson staggered. Holyfield threw out a few more crosses. Tyson tried to clinch, but couldn’t. Holyfield struck the oncoming right cross exactly in the chin. Tyson was led back. He leaned on the ropes. Holyfield unleashed a barrage of blows at the enemy. At this time the gong sounded. Showtime commentators said the gong saved Tyson.

At the beginning of the 11th round, Holyfield struck a streak in the head. Tyson didn’t answer. Then the challenger played two hooks – left and right – past. Tyson got away from the blows, going to the ropes. Holyfield rushed after him and threw a long left cross to the chin. The referee intervened and ended the fight. Tyson did not dispute the decision. The fight received the status of “Fight of the Year” according to the Ring magazine.

Tyson received $ 30 million for this fight, and Holyfield – $ 5 million.

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