Third night of protests in Minnesota

Third night of protests in Minnesota

Third night of protests in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the police station, which was surrounded by metal fences and concrete blocks. 90 minutes before the start of the curfew, the police announced that the protest was illegal and if the protesters did not disperse, they would be arrested.

The warnings did not work: the demonstrators set off fireworks and threw objects at the police. Law enforcers responded with stun and gas grenades.

The Mayor of Brooklyn Center, Mike Elliott, recalled that there is a curfew in the town and asked the demonstrators to protest peacefully. On his Twitter page, he wrote:

“We will not allow speculation on the death of Dante Wright. Some groups may plan to infiltrate the ranks of peaceful protesters and wreak havoc, we will not allow that. We ask people to protest peacefully and then please go home before curfew comes into effect tonight. ”

Protests in Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis, began after the death of 20-year-old Dante Wright. On Sunday, he was stopped by a highway patrol. According to the police, the reason is the expired registration of the car. When the documents were checked, it turned out that Wright was on the wanted list. He tried to hide, and the officer shot him. Wright managed to get away from the scene, but later crashed into another car and died. Dante’s mother recalls talking to him on the phone when he was stopped by the police. Later, another passenger in the car showed her on video how Dante was lying unconscious in the driver’s seat.

“She showed the driver’s seat and my son was lying there, he did not answer. This was the last time I saw my son. This is the last time I heard my son, and since then I have no explanation, ”says Katie Wright, Dante Wright’s mother.

Police chief Tim Gannon and the officer who shot Wright, Kim Potter, have both resigned. Earlier, the police chief suggested that the officer had confused the pistol and the stun gun. The family’s lawyer disagrees with this version.

“You know the gun is black. You know the stun gun will have a reflective color. It is unacceptable. They stopped him on purpose. They deliberately used maximum force, ”insists Ben Crump, attorney for the Wright family.

Kim Potter was charged with second degree manslaughter today. Dante Wright died a dozen kilometers from the place where George Floyd died in detention last May. Now a trial is underway over the policeman who then applied the strangulation technique.

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