“There is milk, but there is no one to feed”: Kate Beckinsale spoke about the miscarriage


The actress supported Chrissy Teigen, who lost her baby at 22 weeks last week.

Kate Beckinsale posted a candid publication in which she spoke about her experience of an unsuccessful pregnancy. She had a miscarriage many years ago, having lost her baby in the 20th week of pregnancy, and kept it a secret for a long time.

Kate decided to tell about this against the background of the tragic story of Chrissy Teigen, who became the object of criticism due to the fact that not only shared her grief on social networks, but also posted heartbreaking photos from the hospital.

I’ve noticed people criticize Chrissy for posting very personal photos in a post about losing a child. As if there is some protocol that, if not followed, allows strangers to tell how she should behave at such a moment,

– noted Kate.

She then shared her story:

Many years ago I lost my baby in the 20th week. I managed to keep the pregnancy a secret, so when I went through this shock, no one found out. Grief, guilt, and shock often accompany this experience. Plus, after the loss, your body continues to behave as if it still has a child to be raised. There is milk, but there is no one to feed. This can be the loneliest and most heartbreaking moment in life, especially if you don’t have a sympathetic and supportive partner like Chrissy.

– shared the actress.

It seems to me that it is a great honor to be admitted to someone else’s grief, especially regarding the loss of a child. I send my love to John Legend’s family and to women and couples who have gone through such grief on the sly. I know there are many. And thank you Chrissy for reminding me how devastating this can be without support,

– summed up Beckinsale.

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