The threat of coronavirus did not deter US residents from long trips during the holidays

The threat of coronavirus did not deter US residents from long trips during the holidays

Despite heated calls from the authorities and doctors to refrain from long trips during the Christmas and New Year holidays, millions of US residents went to visit family and friends. But, as it turns out, not all Americans do this, because they are indifferent to the situation with the coronavirus in the country. Many, for example, want to see elderly parents again precisely because they are afraid that due to the growth of the pandemic, this may be their last meeting.

Thousands of people who bought a plane ticket before Christmas admit that they did not immediately decide to travel, but then human feelings still overcame the fear of the risk of infection.

“My mom is worth it [риска]… She needs my help, ”Jennifer Brownlee, 34, from Alabama, who is flying to Oregon to visit her mother who had just had her leg amputated, told The Associated Press. “I know that God keeps me safe and will not let me get sick.”

From Friday to Tuesday, December 18-22, more than five million passengers traveled to another city or state by plane, according to TSA – the Federal Transportation Security Administration. That’s roughly a million people a day, down 60 percent from last Christmas, but comparable to air passengers ahead of Thanksgiving this year. Unfortunately, federal authorities say, the increase in passenger traffic then, in November, became one of the main reasons for the jump in the growth of diseases in December.

Some passengers did not expect such an influx of people to the airports. Michelle Lopez, who flew from Houston, Texas to Norfolk, Virginia, to see her boyfriend, complains that there was no social distance on board the liner. During the transfer at the O’Hare airport in Chicago, as Michelle said, the number of people was even hot, and many lowered their masks on the face below the nose, and in the restroom, not everyone washed their hands with soap for 20 seconds, like this recommended by doctors.

Joan and Gee Crank, who live in Missouri, overcame their fear of the coronavirus, arrived at the airport of Kansas City to meet their grown daughter and son-in-law, whom they had not seen for a year. “I’m 75 and my husband is 80,” Joanne said. “And you never know: we have to live with planning no longer than a year in advance.”

Meanwhile, US Surgeon General Jerome Adams, in order to prevent COVID-19 diseases, advised US residents to gather for celebrations this holiday season only with those who live under one roof, and those who do not have such an opportunity to comply with sanitary standards as much as possible. , including regular ventilation of the premises.

“We must not let fatigue force us to make bad decisions that lead to infections, especially now that we are so close to crossing the line and being safe. [благодаря вакцинации]”- said Dr. Adams.

In total, according to AAA, 85 million Americans will travel between December 23 and January 3, most of them by car.

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