The stretchable OPPO X 2021 smartphone will hit the market soon (but not for sure)

OPPO at the end of last year showed the concept of a stretchable smartphone. It was assumed that there is no need to wait for a novelty in the near future, but it seems that this is not so.

What is known

Videos with a smartphone demonstration began to appear on the network. The first such video was published by French youtuber Brandon Le Proktor.

A few days later, a similar video appeared on the German AllRoundPC channel.

Also, the New Zealand edition Newshub published an article with a demonstration of the smartphone. Looks like OPPO has already launched PR-campaign apparatus. Consequently, its announcement is not far off, although the manufacturer has not officially announced the release date of the new item.

Recall OPPO X 2021 has a flexible OLED panel. It stretches from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches. Double motors and special plates, which are located under the panel, are responsible for the operation of the system. They pull and stretch the screen with even force. The device also has one fixed and one movable edge. Unfortunately, the characteristics of the smartphone are unknown.

Source: XDA

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