The reason for Kevin Johnson’s refusal to fight Gassiev is known


According to promoter Vladimir Khryunov, American heavyweight contender Kevin Johnson decided to withdraw from the fight against Murat Gassiev due to problems with documents.

Johnson assures that he cannot get a new passport because he is in arrears in child support payments.

“The fact is that he allowed an impartial thing: he insulted Murat, challenged him and turned out to be the very hero of an animated film who was afraid of what he had done. Messages from Ossetia began to arrive, Murat answered him very warmly, he simply invited him to Ossetia. did not get in touch.

This morning I called and said that he had a reason that his passport ran out of pages, he turned to the embassy of his country – he is in Germany now – with a request to replace his passport, there were problems with alimony. But it was clear from the face that it was a terribly frightened Kevin Johnson “, – quotes Khryunov’s website REN TV.

Recall that instead of Johnson, Albanian boxer Sefer Seferi will enter the ring with Gassiev on October 31, who has experience in fights with Tyson Fury and Manuel Charr.

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