The prosecutor’s office believes that the participants in the storming of the Capitol planned an attempt on the legislators

The US Federal Attorney’s Office gave an ominous assessment of the recent riots in the Capitol, stating in court documents that the participants in the assault intended “to capture and kill elected officials.”

Prosecutors set out this view in a motion to detain Jacob Chensley of Arizona, who posed in a fur hat with horns at Vice President Mike Pence’s desk in the Senate Hall.

These pictures have become widespread in the media and social networks.

The document, drawn up by lawyers for the Arizona Department of Justice, says the man left a note to Pence with the following text: “It’s only a matter of time, justice is just around the corner.”

“Strong evidence, including the words and actions of Chensley himself in the Capitol, confirms that the intention of the participants in the storming of the Capitol was to capture and kill selected officials in the United States government,” prosecutors say.

Chensley is due to appear in federal court on Friday.

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