The outcome of the US presidential election is still unclear

The outcome of the US presidential election is still unclear

WASHINGTON – The winner of the US presidential election is still unknown. Results vary depending on the few states where the mailing list has not yet been completed.

President Donald Trump and his Democrat rival Joe Biden have won in the states where their victory was expected, aiming to win a majority in the electoral college that determines who gets the White House in the indirect democracy system adopted in the United States.

However, the election results are still unknown in several states: Georgia and Pennsylvania in the east of the country, in Arizona and Nevada in the west. The electoral authorities continue to count millions of votes, some of which were cast on Tuesday, but many more during weeks of early voting.

Trump led the way in Georgia and Pennsylvania, and Biden in the aforementioned western states, but the final results are unclear.

At the start of the vote count, Biden lagged behind in Wisconsin (10 electors) and Michigan (16 electors), but then wins in Wisconsin and leads Michigan.

However, Trump’s chief of staff, Bill Stepin, said that “irregularities have been reported from certain counties in Wisconsin that raise serious doubts about the reliability of the results.”

“The President is within the thresholds that allow requiring a recount, and we will immediately go for it,” Stepin added.

In addition, Trump’s headquarters asked the US Supreme Court to intervene in the counting of votes in Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday afternoon, as his electoral chances improved, Biden told reporters that he would not claim victory, but added: “We believe that when the count is over, we will be the winner. I feel very good. “

He stressed that “every vote must be counted” in the remaining states, where the outcome remains uncertain.

Trump aide Stepin objected: “We believe that if we count all the legally cast ballots, the president will win.”

According to him, all the media that announced Biden’s victory in Arizona are “simply wrong” and that, in the end, Trump will win this state by a difference of 30 thousand votes.

Biden currently has 224 electoral votes, while Trump has 213. To win, they need to get 270, since the electoral college will include 538 people.

The winner is determined by voting in each of the 50 states and the nation’s capital, Washington.

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