The hard fight for the White House continues

The hard fight for the White House continues

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump and his Democrat rival Joe Biden are embroiled in a tough four-year White House campaign, and the nationwide election is dependent on as-yet-unknown voting results in key wavering states.

As of early Wednesday morning, Trump and Biden have won in states where their victory was expected.

At the same time, the results of elections in a number of states are still unknown: North Carolina and Pennsylvania in the east of the country, in Michigan and Wisconsin in the Midwest and Nevada in the Southwest.

The electoral authorities continue to count millions of votes, some of which were cast on Tuesday, but many more during weeks of early voting.

In a short speech just after midnight, Biden urged his supporters not to lose faith, stating that he is confident in his chances of winning.

“I am optimistic about the results,” he said in Wilmington.

“We know it will take some time due to the unprecedented postal vote and early voting,” Biden added. “We need to be patient and it’s not over until every vote is counted.”

Trump responded with an aggressive tweet accusing the Democrats of trying to steal the election.

“We are at a high altitude, but they are trying to steal the election,” the president wrote. “We will never let them do that. You cannot cast votes after polling stations close. ”

According to media reports, there are tens of thousands of uncounted absentee ballots in four key states – Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia – that keep the fight for the White House uncertain.

“This is a major scam with our country,” Trump said Wednesday night. “We will not tolerate this.”

Trump said the fate of these ballots would be decided in court, but expressed confidence in his victory.

“To tell the truth, we won this election,” the president said.

Biden’s chief of staff, Jen O’Malley Dillon, called the president’s remarks “outrageous, unprecedented and flawed.”

“If the President realizes his threat and goes to court in an attempt to interfere with the proper vote count, then we have a group of lawyers ready to resist these attempts,” said O’Malley Dillon. “And they will prevail.”

The presidential election ends a tumultuous and belligerent campaign, in which Trump and Biden exchanged barbs, arguing that the opponent is incapable of leading the country and will lead to its collapse.

Tensions escalated over the weekend as thousands of Trump supporters gathered in rallies and demonstrations across the country.

Authorities and traders in several cities, including New York, Detroit, and Washington in the White House neighborhoods, have covered windows with plywood panels to prevent potential damage and looting in the event of post-election violence.

The president in the United States is not directly elected. The outcome of the elections is, in fact, determined based on the results of voting in individual states and the capital of the country, Washington. To win, a candidate must receive a majority of 270 votes in an electoral college of 538.

In a few weeks of early voting, more than two-thirds of the total number of voters who voted in the 2016 elections (about 139 million), when Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, took part in it.

According to some estimates, taking into account active early voting, a record number of voters – 150 million or even more – will take part in the elections this year.

The timing of absentee ballots is determined by state law and in some cases may be after Tuesday. Taking this into account, the election results can be determined only in a few days.

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