The first cases of coronavirus infection may have occurred in the United States back in December last year


The first cases of coronavirus infection occurred in the United States a few weeks earlier than the authorities announced – not in January 2020, but back in December 2019.

This is clear from a study conducted by the US Office for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The researchers made their conclusions based on analyzes collected by the American Red Cross from residents of nine states from December 13 to January 17.

Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 were detected in 106 out of 7389 blood samples. In particular, antibodies were found in 39 samples collected on December 13-16 from the western states of California, Oregon and Washington, as well as in 67 samples from states on the other side of the country – Massachusetts, Michigan, Wisconsin, Connecticut and Rhode Island, collected from 30 December to January 17.

These results gave the CDC researchers reason to say that isolated isolated cases of infection occurred in different parts of the United States as early as December last year.

Earlier, the first officially confirmed case of coronavirus infection in the United States was the case on January 19, and the first cases of infection in China were in mid-December.

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