The FBI is investigating the extremists from “Antifa”


Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Ray told Congress that the agency is conducting serious investigations into anarchist and extremist elements from the Antifa movement who participated in recent protests.

At a hearing before the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Ray said the FBI had noticed “organized tactical activity at both the local and regional levels.”

“We’ve seen Antifa loyalists band together and work together in small groups,” he said.

Ray added that the agency is conducting numerous investigations into “anarchist violent extremists, some of whom operate through these groups.”

According to the Anti-Defamation League, Antifa (short for anti-fascism) is a structureless movement whose followers “believe in active and aggressive resistance to extreme right-wing movements.”

At the same time, Ray stressed that, although active investigations are underway against Antifa and other extremist groups, the number of these organizations is not so large.

According to him, there were significantly more peaceful protesters, as well as people who were engaged in petty vandalism and looting, than representatives of organized extremist groups.

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