The experiment failed: the camera of the unusual smartphone LG Wing did not impress DxOMark experts

IN September 2020 LG presented its experimental smartphone LG Wing that stands out for the background of competitors with its unusual shape and design. FROM it looks like an ordinary gadget, but under one display the second is hiding, and in unfolded, the smartphone turns into the letter T, consisting of two screens. AND here DxOMark specialists finally got to LG Wing, но to appreciate not its design and camera capabilities.

AND as?

Despite interesting idea, LG Wing не showed great success in sales. As it turned out, in in terms of photo opportunities in it also has nothing supernatural, even though LG and not positions it as a camera phone.

IN the number of advantages of the camera neutral white balance and pleasant color rendering, precise target impact in most conditions, stable video exposure and white balance, well controlled noise in most conditions, wide depth of field for group photos, natural and attractive bokeh effect (sometimes), good detail when enlarging photos by close and medium distance, high detail of most videos.

But is and minuses. These are autofocus failures in laboratory tests, exposure instability and limited dynamic range in HDR scenes, low detail in most photographs, artifacts usually seen on photo i video, ineffective video stabilization.

«Since in the last couple of years smartphone design and innovation in screens stalled somewhat, nice to see something completely unique from LG. However LG Wing less revolutionary in our analysis of image quality. By for the most part he competent enough with good color reproduction, accurate target exposure and well controlled noise its main advantages. However, severe autofocus instability and exposure is a concern, and in overall, the level of detail is quite low. Then the same and from video where stable work on basic parameters of exposure, color, detail and noise is undermined by problems with autofocus and stabilization», summed up in DxOMark.

IN result in smartphone 110 points and only 48 place in overall DxOMark ranking.

Source: DxOMark

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