“The dumbest I heard nothing”: the stars of “Beverly Hills 90210” responded to the revelations of Jessica Alba


Last week, Jessica Alba was a guest on the YouTube show Hot Ones, where she shared her memories of filming Beverly Hills 90210, where she was a guest star.

Jessica complained about a strange rule forbidding actors to look each other in the eyes.

On the set, I couldn’t make eye contact with any of the actors, which was really weird, especially when you, for example, do a scene with them. It was like, “You are not allowed to make eye contact with other actors, otherwise you will be thrown off the set.”

Before Alba, none of the actors in the series talked about this. Her words drew a reaction from other actors on the show, who, as it turned out, first heard of this rule.

Ian Ziering, who played Steve Sanders, said that “I never heard anything stupider”, referring to the demands that Alba allegedly made.

I have no doubt in her words, but I doubt that any of the actors told her. Maybe she was told something similar on the commercial. And knowing the people I’ve worked with all my life, no one would ever say that. It is impossible even to imagine that someone asks someone on the set not to look him in the eye, especially Jessica!

Ziering said. And he added that Alba’s statement about the negative atmosphere on the set of the series upset him.

Other performers also reacted to Jessica’s words. Jason Priestley noted that he had not heard of the rule of not making eye contact and added:

I, of course, don’t know what kind of experience Alba got on the set of our show. But I would never let her feel this way.

Tori Speling said she was “horrified” by Jessica’s words. But Jenny Garth suggested that she could have asked Alba not to look into her eyes, but she does not remember exactly.

If someone wanted not to be looked in the eye, it was me. But I don’t remember asking for it. I hardly remember working with Jessica, but I remember that she is very sweet and talented.

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