The District of Columbia and Northern Virginia have a curfew

The District of Columbia and Northern Virginia have a curfew

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser announced on Wednesday the imposition of a curfew in the American capital, starting at 18:00 local time, in connection with the riots in the Capitol area.

By order of the mayor’s office of the capital, starting at six o’clock in the evening, no person has the right, without appropriate permission, to be and move on the streets of the city in any capacity: on foot, by bicycle, scooter, car or any other vehicle.

Similar measures were taken by the authorities of the neighboring state of the District of Columbia of Virginia: Governor Ralph Northam announced a state of emergency throughout the state, as well as a curfew in the cities of Arlington and Alexandria, which are actually suburbs of Washington.

Despite this, the remnants of the protesters, now numbering not in the thousands, but in the hundreds, continue to confront the police and National Guard fighters guarding Capitol Hill. Gradually, dense ranks of law enforcement officers push the protesters away from the Congress building. While those who violate curfews are usually subject to arrest, there have been no reports of mass arrests to date.

Curfews in Washington, Alexandria and Arlington will continue until 6:00 AM Thursday, January 7th.

In addition, the Washington Metro is scheduled to close at 20:00 and city buses at 21:00. The city’s transport department explained this by the need to ensure public safety.

By the evening, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the press that lawmakers still plan to return to their jobs and complete the certification of the election results, but they have not yet set a clear timetable.

Pelosi added that this “shameful attack” on American democracy “cannot deter us from fulfilling our responsibilities to ratify Joe Biden’s election. [президентом США]… We have decided to proceed with the procedure tonight after the Capitol is declared ready again. [для работы]”.

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