The court denied Gilaine Maxwell non-disclosure of part of the testimony

The court rejected Gilaine Maxwell’s petition not to disclose an excerpt from the 2016 testimony, which could affect the outcome of the criminal proceedings in the case of aiding the late financier Jeffrey Epstein and perjury.

District Judge Loretta Presca noted that the 20 lines of testimony were only about massage, not about consenting adults. The judge considered that the public’s right to know the information contained in the testimony in this case outweighed Maxwell’s right to privacy.

“There is no reason not to disclose this part of the testimony,” the ruling says. “Although the court recognizes Ms. Maxwell’s interest in a fair trial in a criminal case, Ms. Maxwell can present all of her arguments to the presiding judge in her criminal trial, as she has done before.”

Maxwell’s lawyers have yet to comment.

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