That’s OK: Google doesn’t see an issue with Pixel 5’s screens coming off.

That’s OK: Google doesn’t see an issue with Pixel 5’s screens coming off.

Google refused to recognize the gap between the display and housing in new Pixel 5.

What is not So

Complaints began to come from first buyers of smartphones. They complained about large enough gaps in different places of screen attachment to body. And some have appeared in during operation, and some were on new gadget «of boxes».

Many fear that these clearances will affect protect your smartphone from water and dust. Let us remind you that the degree of protection is IP68. Agree, few people want to get similar problems with brand new gadget for $700.

What Google says

Google representatives responded quite quickly to complaints but problem and not recognized. IN the companies said that everything is fine and the cracks that have arisen in no way will affect dust- and water protection.

«By examining customer devices and comparing the results with quality control reports with factory, we we can confirm that the difference in gaps between the body and display is in within the normal Pixel 5 design. affects water and dustproof or phone functionality. we we will work with clients in individually to solve any problems», said in Google statement.

By the way, this reminds of the story with iPad Pro when Apple isn’t considered the curved body of the tablet a problem.

Source: 9to5google

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