Thanks to iPhone 12: Apple surpasses Samsung to become the largest smartphone maker in the fourth quarter of 2020

Analysts at IDC released a report on global smartphone shipments last year.

What was told

So, in the fourth quarter of 2020, Apple topped the ranking of the largest smartphone manufacturers, surpassing Samsung. For Apple, the fourth quarter of last year was the most profitable in the company’s history. IPhone revenue increased to $ 65.6 billion. It’s on 17% more than in Q3 2020. Naturally, all thanks to the announcement of the new iPhone 12.

Thus, Apple took 23.4% of the market share in Q4 2020. Next comes Samsung (19.1%), Xiaomi (11.2%) and OPPO (8.8%). The fifth position in the ranking is occupied by Huawei. Due to US sanctions, the Chinese manufacturer’s market share fell to 8.4%.

If we talk about 2020 as a whole, then Samsung is still the leader with a market share of 20.6%. Also in the top five were Apple (15.9%), Huawei (14.6%), Xiaomi (11.4%) and Vivo (8.6%).

Source: Businesswire

Фото: Appleinsider

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