Teofimo Lopez wants to fight the winner of the fight Jose Ramirez – Josh Taylor after defeating Lomachenko


IBF lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez said he was not interested in the fight with Felix Verdejo in 2021.

According to the undefeated lightweight, in the event of a victory over Vasily Lomachenko, he would like to share the ring with the winner of the champion’s confrontation in the welterweight division between Jose Ramirez and Josh Taylor in the next fight.

“After I beat Vasyl Lomachenko on October 17th, I want to fight big fights,” Lopez said when asked about the fight against top lightweight Felix Verdejo. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think Felix Verdejo is the right opponent right now for a high-profile confrontation. Maybe if he becomes a champion, then a fight with him will make sense. I know that a lot of people – after I I will beat Lomachenko – they will look for a fight with me, because this guarantees them a lot of money.

So let Top Rank decide with ESPN if they want to organize my fight with Verdejo, but if it was me, I need the louder names.

Let’s make a fight with Jose Ramirez after all this. Put them both against me: I will deal with Josh Taylor sutra, and then in the evening I will beat José Ramirez, “added Teofimo.

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