Teofimo Lopez Sr.: “Davis and Haney have nothing that we want. I don’t even pay attention to them.”

Father and coach of the undisputed world lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez Teofimo Lopez Sr. said that he saw no point in his son’s fights with Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney.

“We’re already in the pound-for-pound rankings. Fighting with Davis and Haney won’t make us better. They don’t have anything we want. I don’t even pay attention to these guys. They have their own history, and I have my own.”

I know what I’m doing. We fought the top dudes, we fought everyone. These guys didn’t even have one top rival from the top 10. Why are they making all this hype, even if they have not achieved anything in boxing?

To get from the first league to the top one, you have to go your way. You have to go through sweat, tears and pain in training. This is how it works. We’re not going to give someone a chance just because this guy is carrying a blizzard. I don’t care what they say. Say that we are afraid? Okay, we’re afraid, I don’t care. I know what I have. In the end, I told everyone that we would make a coup, and we did it, “said Teofimo Lopez Sr. in an interview with the YouTube channel World Combat Sports.

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