Teofimo Lopez: “It was scary to look at Baranchik, fortunately, he is fine”


Teofimo Lopez says that as a boxer and a person who personally knows Ivan Baranchik, it was not easy for him to watch the final of Saturday’s fight with Jose Zepeda.

The ram was knocked down four times and knocked out his opponent four times. Lopez praised the bravery of both boxers and said that “this fight has already become a classic.” At the same time, he noticed that he was seriously worried about the state of health of Baranchik when he lost consciousness.

After the fight, Ivan Baranchik was sent to a medical center in Las Vegas, but on Sunday he was discharged.

“This is definitely the fight of the year,” Lopez said on Monday at a virtual press conference on his upcoming fight with Vasily Lomachenko. “This fight is worth a lot, but I was scared and hard to see him lying unconscious. Fortunately Ivan is fine. But people who love boxing should remember that this is not an entertainment show and that every time we enter the ring, we risk our lives. “

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