Teofimo Lopez intends to win all the light welterweight titles in the next fight


The undisputed world lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez is not going to stop at the lightweight and plans to move to a higher category in order to once again collect all the championship titles.

“Yes, the pandemic, the simple one had a little effect on the preparation, but, fortunately, I have professionals working with me, nutritionists, who make sure not only that I lose weight to the right moment, but also that my brain continues to function properly during this process.

Therefore, I know that I can continue to compete in this weight, it will not be a problem for me to meet the lightweight limit, despite the fact that I am a big 135-pounder. Now my wife and I are building our own house, which will have a gym. Due to this, it will not be difficult for me to maintain a stable training regime. The main thing is for me to constantly keep in shape and then there will be no problems with weight. Who knows what awaits me in the future, I do not exclude the possibility of moving to the first welterweight, it would be cool to become the undisputed champion of back-to-back *. I will be even stronger and faster, because the body will have to spend less resources on fluid recovery after weighing. “

* back-to-back – to achieve something twice in a row, that is, in this case – to become an absolute champion in the next fight.

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