Teofimo Lopez: “Haney himself understands that he is not a world champion”


23-year-old lightweight fighter Teofimo Lopez has firmly declared that he is the undisputed champion of this weight category, having decided to completely nip Devin Haney’s attempts to impersonate the real World Boxing Council champion. As Lopez rightly believes, Haney owned only the title of interim champion, and after Vasily Lomachenko was promoted to the title of a franchised title holder, Haney got the title of a “regular” champion, which, however, also cannot be considered a full-fledged belt, in the presence of another a fighter with a more quoted title in the same version.

“I think everyone should know that I am the undisputed world champion. Considering this whole situation with Devin Haney and so on, many people will say that I am not an absolute just to belittle what I have done so that my merits do not seem so great. This is the problem. Coming to the fight with Lomachenko, I knew that I would become the absolute champion. Lomachenko defeated Luke Campbell for the vacant WBC title. “

“I am amused by the fact that boxing fans allow Davin Haney to be bullshit these days. Deep down, he himself understands that he is the champion who received his belt by e-mail, and not once, but two. “

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