Teofimo Lopez: “Boxing needs to get rid of a bunch of extra belts”


23-year-old undisputed lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez believes that many boxing organizations should reduce the number of championship belts. Despite the fact that most boxing fans understand perfectly well who is the real champion and in what weight category, those who have only recently begun to take an interest in this sport, or are far from it, may be impressed by titles such as the “regular” champion , interim champion, silver champion, diamond champion, gold champion and many more.

In addition, the possession of one of the secondary titles is often a matter of special pride for its owner. For example, the same Devin Haney diligently pretends that he is the World Boxing Council lightweight champion of the world, ignoring the fact that next to him is Teofimo Lopez – the title holder according to the same version, who, moreover, , beat Vasily Lomachenko, who not so long ago occupied the leading lines in the list of the best boxers in the world.

“As I said earlier at the press conference before the fight with Lomachenko or after, I don’t remember if we will fight with Devin Haney, it’s only so that I could boast that I also beat him. After his defeat – and I know that I will beat him – many people will forget about his existence. So let him decide. If he wants him to have a short career, then we could have a fight. “

“I have WBO, IBF, WBA, WBC and Ring magazine championship belts, but I agree with Floyd Mayweather’s words. WBA and WBC need most of all to clear boxing of extra belts. They have too many champions in the same weight class. They only have four champions in their organization! In total, this gives us eight or even twelve champions in one weight category. This is ridiculous”.

“The title of world champion is no longer as appreciated as it used to be. I am in boxing to collect belts, but not all belts, but only basic ones. There are too many world champions right now who shouldn’t even be considered in this role because they don’t have a real title. “

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