Teofimo Lopez – about the last round of the fight with Lomachenko: “I heard Loma puffing and puffing”


The absolute world lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez explained his successful 12th round in a fight against Vasyl Lomachenko, in which he delivered 50 accurate hits (a record for a round among all Ukrainian rivals), by the tiredness of his opponent.

“When the referee told Loma and me which round was going on, I thought:“ Oh my God, the fight is going so fast. ”We went to the twelfth round, but it seemed to me that it was only the tenth. I still had a lot of strength. excellent preparation and we also focused on what we needed to do.

I was not surprised by my actions in the 12th round. I heard Loma puff and puff. I was very close to him. I heard him breathing. I can tell that he was puffing and puffing much harder than usual. So I took advantage of this, took advantage of the key points that I saw. I started punching the body a little more actively, adding aggression. Then he hit me with his head, I got a cut.

He used dirty tactics, but we did our job. I think we did it so well that people didn’t even expect it from us, “Teofimo Lopez told ESPN.


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