Teofimo Lopez – about the fight with Lomachenko: “It is very difficult to maintain the tempo with an opponent who is constantly running.”


The owner of four lightweight championship belts, Teofimo Lopez, believes that Vasily Lomachenko did not allow him to fully reveal himself due to his careful tactics in their fight.

“We knew that Lomachenko was small, so he needed to go forward, jump on me to throw his punches. I was ready for that. I counterattacked and shot through the body. It worked well.

In my opinion, somewhere between the fifth and seventh rounds, I hit him in the body with a right uppercut. He grabbed the body, pressed his hand tightly and began to move. I realized I had shaken him. It is very difficult to maintain this pace with an opponent who is constantly running.

Lomachenko had his chances, but I won the fight overall. We did what was needed. I think he thought he was going to drag us into deep waters, and I would run out of gas. But I told you I was a shark, “Teofimo Lopez said in an interview with Yahoo Sports.


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