Teddy Atlas: “Usyk’s first heavyweight fight was like a gift”

Teddy Atlas: “Usyk’s first heavyweight fight was like a gift”

Well-known boxing trainer and analyst Teddy Atlas believes that the first fight of the former undisputed world heavyweight champion Alexander Usik in heavyweight, in which he prematurely stopped American Chazz Witherspoon, turned out to be an easy walk for him.

“The first fight Usyk in the heavyweight division, in which he fought against Witherspoon, was like a gift. I do not attack Witherspoon, but just tell the truth. It was like a social event.

When Usyk first touched the super-heavy waters and dipped his leg into them, he was given an easy fight. My point is that when you arrange such events, you pay a lot of money. So Usyk was given a gift. This is exactly what Witherspoon was. Usyk seemed to receive a holiday gift for joining the heavyweight dance.

The next step was the fight with Chisora. Like, okay, you got that fight, and now we need to find out if there is a place for you here, “said Teddy Atlas on THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas podcast.

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