Teddy Atlas: “If Lomachenko tries to use quick combinations, Lopez will make him pay for it”


Commentator and expert Teddy Atlas is confident that in the upcoming fight Teofimo Lopez – Vasily Lomachenko, Lopez is definitely the favorite. According to the expert, the main advantage of the American is excellent physical data and “explosive strength”:

“He is what Pacquiao was in his youth, he knows how to close the distance with lightning speed. Before you can look back, he is on you.”

These inclinations, according to Atlas, were genetically laid down by Lopez, and then developed by his father:

“It was created by his dad, who knew what would happen in the end. This is a real test tube baby.”

Lomachenko cannot boast of such genetics, but he brought up other qualities in himself. Atlas noted:

“I saw him in training camp, where he walked on his hands in the ring, and then he started doing push-ups. His father came up with ways to develop in him what was not laid down by nature.”

All of this, said Teddy Atlas, makes the October 17 fight exciting:

“We will see the battle between the natural and the acquired. And I’m sure if Loma wants to demoralize Lopez with his quick combinations, he will have to pay a high price for it.”

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