Teddy Atlas – about the fight between Usik and Chisora: “Perhaps Alexander was not mentally ready”


Reputable American trainer and television expert Teddy Atlas suggests that former undisputed world champion in the first heavyweight division, Alexander Usyk, was not psychologically ready to go forward in a fight with Derek Chisora.

“Usyk didn’t let his hands go around enough. Perhaps he was not ready mentally. This is only his second fight in heavy waters. He was probably not confident enough that he could do it with a big, strong, experienced and aggressive opponent, and knew that he had to go 12 rounds.

Maybe something was going on in his head. At this level, something always happens in human heads. Perhaps he was thinking, “I need to keep my strength. I need to be more careful.” But the truth is, when you’re too careful, respectful, circumspect, call it what you want, it’s dangerous because you’re letting your opponent get close, “Teddy Atlas said on THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas podcast.

Recall that Atlas also explained why Usyk missed so much in the battle with Chisora.


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