Taras Shelestyuk: “When Lomachenko Sr. was in Usik’s camp, he boxed much better”


Ukrainian welterweight Taras Shelestyuk is convinced that Oleksandr Usyk showed himself better in the ring when preparing for fights under the leadership of Anatoly Lomachenko.

“As for me, when Lomachenko Sr. was in the Sani camp, he boxed much better, thoughtfully and performed his job better than with the coaches who were in his corner in this fight. Maybe it was due to the fact that they did not prepare or did not expect such agility from Chisora ​​at his age, did not think that he was able to box like this all 12 rounds, withstand and set the pace.

Of course, it would be interesting to see the number of hits. I could not find statistics, but I think that Chisora ​​had few clean hits.

Sanya has a lot to work on. This fight will give him a lot of experience. If he, together with the team, analyzes everything correctly, he can come out to the next fight stronger. Although such fights take a lot of health. When a heavyweight opponent is 15-20 kilograms heavier, it doesn’t add to your health, even if you don’t miss clean, weighty punches. I hope that Sanya will recover and play the next fight much better, “Taras Shelestyuk said in a review published on his YouTube channel.

We will remind, Shelestyuk also explained why Usyk so often missed in a fight with Derek Chisora.


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