Taras Shelestyuk explained why Usik missed too many blows in the fight with Chisora


2012 Olympics bronze medalist, Ukrainian welterweight Taras Shelestyuk believes that Oleksandr Usyk missed strikes from British heavyweight Derek Chisora ​​too often due to the fact that his opponent was boxing in a non-standard manner.

“Of course, Chisora ​​used illegal tricks, but the referee did not pay attention to the fact that Usyk was trying to complain about the blows below the waist and on the legs. I think Sana just had to focus more on his boxing and style.

As for me, Usyk missed a lot of incomprehensible blows that he shouldn’t miss. But we can refer to the fact that Chisora ​​is a very uncomfortable opponent. He is not a classic boxer. Chisora ​​just throws punches from any position, even when you don’t expect him to hit. Derek hits different areas, and I think that this has created problems for Usik.

Alexander is more comfortable and easier to box with classic boxers. In my opinion, after four rounds, when Chisora ​​started to get tired, Sanya found his rhythm, started gaining points and taking rounds, “Taras Shelestyuk said in a review published on his YouTube channel.

We will remind, Shelestyuk also suggested that Usyk was a little confused in the starting rounds of the fight with Chisora.


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