Tamzin Merchant speaks out about losing the role of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

The mother of dragons in the cult saga should have looked different.

The first Game of Thrones pilot was rejected by the film crew for what was rumored to be a “disaster.” Then, for the new version, it was decided to change the performers of many key roles – and as a result, a caste was formed, which viewers have watched on screens since 2011.

Among them was the most recognizable character in the franchise – Daenerys Targaryen. When the series gained global popularity, the heroine glorified its performer – actress Emilia Clarke. But, as it turned out, she might not have gotten into the show. In the original version, Daenerys was played by an actress named Tamzin Merchant, who was then 21 years old.

Now the 33-year-old Merchant admits to Entertainment Weekly that she was not “thrilled” by the script.

“It’s Emilia Clarke’s credit for making this role iconic. She was obviously happy to tell the story, and her character was epic and excellent, ”said the actress.

Merchant admitted that after the success of the series, it was strange to see her successor’s face all over the place. For her role as Targaryen, Clarke received four Emmy nominations and worldwide fame, but Tamzin admitted that she would be uncomfortable with such a level of recognition.

“Creative self-expression is a need more important than any amount of money that I could get,” said the actress. Merchant is best known to viewers for her roles in the TV series Carnival Row and The Tudors.

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Author: Svetlana Levkina

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