Take pictures and take pictures: OPPO patents a smartphone with a removable camera


On The website of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has a description of a new patented device from OPPO.

What is it

This is a smartphone with modular chamber. Then there is a camera made in the form of a separate block, which in any moment can be reached and use it autonomously. IN as a result, the camera plays the role and main, and frontal.

By idea, it turns out something like action cameras… Moreover, the block supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, has its own NFC chip and built-in battery for autonomous operation. A port is also provided USB-C.

On patent images show a camera with two sensors and flash but there can be a different number of modules. Moreover, according to idea, camera in any moment can be replaced by another, more advanced, with more sensors. Also the modular design makes repairs easy.

Naturally, while this is just a patent, and unclear, will embody Does OPPO have this idea in a life. But in Vivo already has a similar concept smartphone IFEA with detachable camera that attaches to building with using a magnetic connection.

Source: 91mobiles

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