Suicide Squad 2’s Pete Davidson ridiculed Harry Potter writer for transphobia


Celebrities continue to criticize the position of J.K. Rowling, who said in the summer that she did not support the idea of ​​equating transgender women with biological women.

This time, the writer was criticized by 26-year-old comedian Pete Davidson. On Saturday Night Live, he performed a monologue in which he supported transgender people.

I miss the times when the worst thing Joan did was the Fantastic Beasts movies. There was no discrimination – he hurt everyone at once and equally. What’s wrong with her? She created a seven-volume fantasy work about all possible mythical creatures who live in harmony with wizards and elves, but cannot reconcile with Laverna Cox [актрисой, совершившей трансгендерный переход]? She’s a national treasure

Pete said.

Then he summed up:

I have Game of Thrones tattoos and I’m worried if George Martin says, “Hey, if you like what I say about dragons and wolves, wait, I’ll tell you what I think about Puerto Ricans.” What a crazy time we live in! How unfair.

Rowling’s scandal began in the summer when she voiced her stance on transgender women, and escalated in the fall when The Telegraph reviewed her latest book, Troubled Blood. The review stated that the book featured a serial transvestite killer. The author of the article noted:

I wonder what critics of Rowling’s position will do with the book, because the moral of the book seems to be this: Never trust a man in a dress.

After that, the cruel hashtag #RIPJKRowling (Rest in peace – “Rest in peace”) appeared on social networks.

Suicide Squad 2's Pete Davidson ridiculed Harry Potter writer for transphobia

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