Study: Margot Robbie undresses more often than other actresses in films

Study: Margot Robbie undresses more often than other actresses in films

The actress appears in underwear in almost all of her films.

Soon a new film with the participation of Margot Robbie – “Dreamland” will be released on the big screens. In this regard, Bingo Sites decided to conduct research related to the number of nude scenes with the star.

It turns out that the actress took off clothes in 55.6% of her films, beating such celebrities as Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox and Elizabeth Hurley.

Employees of the portal analyzed 27 hours of screen time and found that Robbie appeared in films in her underwear for about 525 seconds throughout her career. Note that nude scenes are scenes in which the actress appears in lingerie or a bikini.

The celebrity has undressed in films such as Suicide Squad, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Bomb.

Megan Fox takes the second place in the number of appearances in underwear. And in third place is Joey King. Jennifer Love Hewitt took the fourth place.

Also in the top 10 were Cameron Diaz, Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan, Alexandra Daddario, Elle Fanning and Elizabeth Hurley.

Note that the new Robbie’s film “Dreamland” tells the story of a 17-year-old boy Eugene, who is looking for a bank robber to turn her over to the police and get a certain amount of money for it. In this way, the young man hopes to save his father’s farm. However, he ultimately falls in love with the robber and decides to help her. The film is set during the Great Depression. In addition to Robbie, Garrett Hedlund and Travis Fimmel will appear in the film, and Miles Joris-Peyrafit is the director.

In the Russian box office “Dreamland” will appear on November 26 this year.

Photo source: EastNews / AFP / VALERIE MACON

Author: Veronica Alpatova

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