State Department officials notified of the beginning of the transfer of power to the Biden administration


The leadership of the US State Department informed the staff about the beginning of the transfer of power to the new Joe Biden administration. A group has been created within the department to support the transition of power to the new administration. This is stated in an e-mail sent to all employees of the diplomatic department. A copy of the letter was at the disposal of Reuters on Wednesday.

The orders came after the General Services Administration, the federal agency responsible for signing the presidential change agreement, notified President-elect Biden on Monday that he could officially begin the transition process.

“Following the November 3 elections, representatives of the support group for the transfer of power to President-elect Biden arrived at the Department of State to help prepare for the transition of power,” the letter said.

The report notes that a specially formed group within the State Department will provide assistance to Biden’s team to ensure it receives the necessary information and logistical support.

The State Department has not yet responded to a request from Reuters for comment on today’s instructions.

“Today we started to consider the decision of the Office of General Services, and will do everything that is required by law. We will do our best, ”Pompeo told Fox News.

Two weeks ago, Pompeo was criticized for speaking during a press briefing of a “smooth transition to the second Trump administration,” even though Biden has already been named president-elect based on election results in most states. A few hours later, Pompeo promised to provide an “excellent transit” of power to any team that will be in the White House on January 20, on the day of the president’s inauguration.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden introduced his team members who will deal with foreign policy and national security issues.

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